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Photos from Betty Shortland

.WW1 group - George Shortland front left
Bessie Shortland on street - cropped (Small)
Bessie Shortland on street
Bessie Shortland young
Betty, Bessie Unknown - cropped
Betty and 3 girls 1950s
Betty Auntie Bessie and woman fixed
Betty in 2 piece suit - cropped
Betty passport photo
Betty Shortland aged 10
Betty Shortland c 2006 (Small)
Betty Shortland Communion age 7 (Small)
Bridget Shortland nee Desmond wit Betty OLough the dog
George and Bridget Shortland 2
George Betty and Bridget Shortland c 1936 The Lough
George Shortland and Betty Shortland on Patricks Bridge Cork c 1940 (Small)
George Shortland in uniform WW1 cropped
Jack Shortland in WW1 uniform
May Madgie Nellie Nan and young Brian Donohoe
Postcard from Annie Shortland to George her son (front)

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