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Joseph Shortland & Family (Dublin)

.1955 Joseph and Alice Shortland at Paddys wedding  in Bermingham
1916 John Tapp aged 50
1916 John Tapp B&W
1936 John Tapp aged 70
1951 Joseph and Alice Shortland
1952 Joseph Alice and 1st grandaughter Ann
1956 (est.) Anne Shortland Murphy with son Thomas
1956 Alice Shortland with grandson Thomas Murphy (7 Aug 56)
1956 Alice Tapp Shortland after visiting friends in Wales  (Large)
1957 Paddy Shortland modelling in England
1958 Thomas Murphy and Anne Murphy (Shortland)
1958-May-9 Anne Shortland
1970 Alice Shortland in Birmingham (8 Mar 1970)
2009 alice murphy
2009 John Shortland Eulogy
2009 John Shortland
2009 Memorial Service for John Shortland (Large)
Alice and Mary Shortland
Grave of Joseph and Alice Shortland and grandson Michael, Deansgrange, Dublin (Large)
joseph and anne shortland (Large)

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