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Shortland-Carreck Photos (Aus)

,Mary Agnes Emma Shortland (Medium)
Alan Carreck and Juliet (Medium)
Ann Carreck (Medium)
Anne Carreck Geoffrey Bannister (Medium)
Charlie Greenwood (Medium)
Eileen Greenwood (Medium)
Eileen Greenwood and Sid Carreck (Medium)
Evelyn Greenwood and Fred 1975 (Medium)
Evelyn Greenwood and Frederick Berwick (Medium)
Geoffrey Charles Smith (Medium)
Len Greenwood and Eva Warren 1922 (Medium)
Margaret Carreck (Medium)
Margaret Carreck Ray Hampton (Medium)
Mary Agnes Emma and the Family Greenwood
Mary Agnes Emma Shortland - young
Mary Agnes Emma Shortland
Maureen Carreck (Medium)
Maureen Carreck and Barry John Smith (Medium)
maureen carreck Mark Weston (Medium)

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